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Bas van Melis

I've recently bought my V-RSPG Pro wheel from the team at VPG Sim. The experience from discussing my specific requirements to received the wheel has been amazing.

The team at VPG take their time explaining you the details of the wheel, they have even customized various parts for 1 handed use (button layout and shifter shape), which is great seeing my handicap.

The quality of the wheel is perfect, aluminium and carbon parts used everywhere, no 3d printed shenanigan's going on here. Every part of the wheel feels like it supposed to, you never have the idea something will break, it's sturdy, and feels bulletproof. Now for the American's it's a figure of speech ;-) I wouldn't recommend emptying your 9mm to test this.

The Simhub integration adds to the completeness of the wheel, you can load your favorite dash and alter the settings of the LED's etc etc. Manny even took the time to go through the options with me after receiving the wheel.

All in all i would recommend buying a steering wheel from VPG Sim. You won't be disappointed!

Enzo Zannella

Prodotti e assistenza al top!sono fiero possessore di elemento,volante eccellente nei materiali e nella forma.in più assistenza dello staff ai massimi livelli!Vpg,una garanzia!!!!

Michael Perry

Excellent product. I recently purchased the V-PF1 wheel and have no complaints. The wheel is beautiful as well as sturdy. You can feel the quality when you hold the wheel in your hand. The guys at VPG are helpful and respond quickly to any questions that you may have. If you are in the market for a quality wheel then look no further than VPG. You will not be disappointed.

Freddie Ting

I dealt with Manny all the way back in Oct 2022 when I was still biting the bullet on the V-RSPG. He was super helpful and patient in answering all my queries even whilst I was on the fence.

The day came when I finally executed the order and he even made it customized to my liking.

Delivery was quick even if it was all the way across the world (we were both surprised it came THAT quick).

The wheel was beyond expectations. The build quality and the work that was poured into building this wheel is TOP notch and I kept telling Manny what a work of art this wheel is. Setup of the wheel is easy that I didn’t need to engage Manny for any assist. The amount of dash that can be put on this wheel is limitless but am currently in love with the TWF dash.

TLDW : Just grab the wheel. No regrets!

Daniel Isaksen

Very happy with the new steering wheel, Good service and fast delivery

Shlomi Dayan

Honestly, I wish I could give this company and their staff more than five stars and a couple of words in a review. They make a stellar product and more importantly have the most amazing customer service out there. I’ve owned a lot of sim gear, probably more than I should have and have never been happier. These guys are top notch. Anything you might be considering purchasing from them will be well worth it and the support behind the product is absolutely unmatched!

Geoff Griffiths

My VPG V-RSPG is by far and away the best wheel I have used for sim racing. The quality and workmanship are just next level compared to more mass-market suppliers, many of whom I have raced with over the years. You really do get what you pay for.

The V-RSPG in particular is an incredibly versatile wheel which, while predominantly built for GT racing, is also great for open wheel.

Finally, dealing with Manny at VPG is a delight - he is very responsive and on-hand for any queries, assistance and guidance.

Would strongly recommend!


I purchased a custom VRPG and Manny was fantastic the whole way through allowing me to choose many different options. He would contact me anytime there was a choice to be made and let me think about it.

The wheel itself its phenomenal such high quality in everyway. and any thing I need help with I know Manny or Mike are just a message away and will promptly respond. From previous experience I know if there is an issue I can ship it back to them and get it fixed without any fuss.

It does take awhile from order to recieve these wheels and they aren't cheap but that is due to the level of attention to detail and quality goes into these wheels. It is for sure one of those purchases you spend weeks debating and then once you recieve the wheel you wonder why you didn't jump straight in and order it without thought.

I would advise discussion on the discord channel or by email with the team before ordering to ensure you can recieve what you want. They are more than happy to customise things but some changes may be additional charges due to requiring extra work and special manufactoring.

I would recommend this to anyone who has the money and loves simracing and wants a high end wheel.

Denis Van Asch

Only positive things to say about this company. I got their RSR replica wheel. Product is top quality, and they are super available for any question - follow up, with quick replies, even during evenings / weekends. NB: a picture can’t reflect on how good/sturdy the wheel is

S Holax

I have never had such good service with a company. I was interested in a RSR steering wheel, built with the priority for quality. Since there was already a version, the new V2 was co-developed with my ideas. On delivery I was directly contacted if everything fits and if I need help to set it up. Every question was answered directly from the first contact until today. For such a high quality product, all expectations were met, even exceeded. For software updates or innovations, you are also contacted in the future and kept up to date. If I buy a new steering wheel in the next 10 years, then again at VPGSimlab. Comparable manufacturers tend to focus on quantity instead of quality, here I got exactly what I wanted.

Ely Cannon

I have received a beautiful work of engineering and art by way of VPG Sim and their new Elemento Pro. I have and use a variety of high end wheels for my sim and while all the wheels in my collection are excellent none rise to the level of the Elemento Pro nor do the manufacturers of those wheels provide the relationship that VPG forms with their customers.

From the beginning you know you are getting a custom wheel made for you and made with top levels of skill and the highest level of quality. Communication during planning, the build and after delivery have been excellent.

The wheel is flawlessly manufactured and assembled by the skilled team of passionate folks at VPG. Every surface, every piece is gorgeous, functional and seemingly bullet proof in its construction.

The presentation of the wheel in its customized protective carrying case will make your first impression impactful and memorable.

The installation is so easy and the instructions are excellent so it’s no surprise.

The wheel feels great in hand is the perfect diameter for both GT and Formula style driving as a result of its tapered grips. It’s more comfortable that my previous favorite Ascher wheel and far more feature rich with is ultra bright screen, lit buttons, rev lights and flag lights all of which are controlled through Simhub using supplied plugins and dashes specifically made for the VPG wheels by STS.

If you are looking for top quality gear for your simulation racing, stop looking and get in touch with VPG. You will receive a personal level of service and support second to none. When all is said and done you will have a steering wheel that is a true work of art and a serious weapon to turn the tides in your racing.

I fully endorse VPG and the Elemento Pro. Stop thinking about it and get one you won’t be sorry.

Angelo Pucci Grossi

Amazing steering wheel, sometimes a bit tricky to set up, but their costumer support is unbeatable!

AMG Denz

Purchased the V-PF1 Wheel from the VPG Sim Team!

I would like to commend them for their:

- Excellent and expeditious customer service
- High premium and quality sim racing hardware
- High levels of customisation options
- Great technical support and assistance
- Passionate and impressively enthused about their sim racing and providing great sim racing tools and hard equipment.

Would strongly recommend them, and look forward to having further purchases with them again in the future!

Mike Woller

Awesome racing wheels! Top quality. Super friendly guys at VPG with lots of passion and dedication to their work. 

Rodrigo Diaz

Awesome customer service, great comunication with Manny and Mike.
Keep Going Boys.

And the most important, the wheel is astonishing.

Regard´s From Chile.

Christian de Jong

Bought the new V-RSPG...

This is..by far..the BEST GT / F1 wheel on the market..

Expensive? Wat defines expensive? Look no further and stop buying plastic or aluminium toys.

Keypoints, 24-7 SUPPORT! Build quality, balance, and absolute control in your hands with rotaries, led buttons, connection with simhub (telemetry) and so on. During racing you can finetune your settings without delaying your pace, because every setting you can set by hand during the race.

Manufactured with high grade components (forged carbon), you get your money's worth... SimHub compatible and fully customizable as well !

I paired it up with an extra Vocore dash for my laptimes, and I have to admit, this wheel is the sweet spot for both, my GT and Formula racing experience.

Applause for Manny & Mike which evens helped me during his holiday from Italy with several problems of configuration (by discord), this is 6 *STAR* customer service... !

Cor Jansen

heb 3 sturen en een dashboard van vpg en werken top komen hun afspraken na en nemen de tijd voor je .ze hebben alles online voor mijn geïnstalleerd.


Bought the new Stealth wheel, and oh my !, what an amazing feeling of first rate quality, balance, and innate control in your hands !!!

LED's to guide you through the blink of an eye, angled side buttons (finally) that are all reachable without comprising hand grip, and quick triple shifters (positioned properly might I add), all manufactured with high grade components, you get your money's worth... SimHub compatible and fully customizable as well !
I paired it up with a Dash unit, and I have to admit, this wheel is the sweet spot for both, my GT and Formula racing experience.

Drum roll .... But best of all, dealing with Manny and Mike is hands down, the ultimate in customer service... Grazie ragazzi !

Bram G Claes

Was in the market for an audi RS3 TCR wheel and came across these guys. They did the research, listened to my needs and changes and did a fantastic job ! The entire process they kept me informed with pictures, shirt movie clips on whatsapp. Bought a dashboard from them aswell and again well done, they even altered it months later as i got a sc2 and it didnt fit anymore. I sended it back and they renewed the backplate so it would fit my new sc2 pro! Top service! Next stop their buttonbox :-D

Roli Burkart

VPG produces top wheels and their customer support is absolutely first class. Absolute balance, total feedback. I just love VPG!

Christian Anastasi

I have purchased the VPG Elemento Pro wow what a wheel !!! I’m so happy everything is build in high end spec !!!

Apart from the amazing wheel I never experienced such a good customer care in my life !!! The team is super experienced… They are always there to help you and they answer very fast!!

I was uploading a dash and I did a mistake because I didn’t follow the instructions and they logged in remotely into my pc and they fixed everything in no time for me…

Very hard to find helpful people like this nowadays !!

VPG 10/10 !

Chris Carruthers

Contacted VPG 6 days ago wanting to buy a specific set of rotary dials for my Porsche rsr wheel build. Instant reply’s, 4 dials and sticker kit ordered, shipped and arrived in Australia today! Awesome customer service, very helpful with all questions asked and the products are extremely high quality! Highly recommend these guys for any sim components you need

Kurt Baldur

I bought the vpgt. The amount of kindes and service you get here is second to none. And I really bought a lot over the years. The quality of this wheel is perfect. Just perfect. I can't really say anything bad. No I mean it. It's that good.

David W

I found VPG after digging around for a wheel for my newly acquired Simucube2 base. From the off the guys are VPG we’re extremely helpful and pragmatic, even when I talked about higher torque rotaries, Manny agreed to take receipt on a Monday and have the wheel returned to me on the following Wednesday, despite being on the other side of the country.
I’d happily recommend the people, the product and the support.
Excellent service.

Alistair Ramsden

Bought the VSRPG wheel. From the start Manny and Mike were helpful and welcoming on any questions I had.
Wheel itself is a masterpiece, well designed and looks fantastic. I looked at a fee "Porsche" replica's and this one is well worth the money.

Lim Sebastian

Received my custom build Porsche RSR wheel from VPG today. Superb workmanship and awesome wheel. Totally satisfying to own it... Will post some pictures once I get it setup on my rig.


I spoke to Manny at VPG Sim about purchasing an Elemento Pro. Although they did not have one in stock, they went out of there to find a distributor that had one available, which I duly purchased.

I also had an issue with a quick release, so asked Manny if they could fit their adaptor to my quick release. Manny said no problem, so I sent my quick release to VPG, and they fitted their adaptor.

I also had two queries regarding the software and the wheel. I advised Manny about these in the evening and next morning Manny took his time resolve my issues via discord and remote access to my pc.

This is the first time I have ever received a next day (less than 24 hours) resolution to my queries.

Accordingly, if purchase a wheel a from VPG Sim you are guaranteed top quality, efficient and considerate and hands on service.

If only all companies were like VPG Sim.

5 Stars

Philipp Wegscheider

PREMIUM products - very friendly, short responding time, part of the community!!!


VPG are a fantastic very professional company, nothing is too much trouble for Manny he is an excellent person to deal with. I purchased the V-PF1 steering wheel and the quality and attention to detail is outstanding. If you are in the market for a new steering wheel take a look at the VPG range of steering wheels first.

Vince Pezzullo

My experience with the team at VPG was exceptional - they built a custom F1 wheel for simracing - the design process was inclusive and they included me during every step as to options and possible solutions - they kept me fully informed of any changes required and the end result is a high spec and finely engineered bespoke Mercedes F1 wheel for sim racing - i would highly recommend their products and their after sales service (with a bespoke F1 software screen) and follow up service.

Richard Winkelman

I bought a Rally Rim from these guys a while back. The attached button box on the rim is of super high quality. Their shipping is packed nicely and quickly done. And the customer service is top quality. I am planing on buying one of their new wheels as I know I will be happy with it


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